We are a merchandising company currently offering very unique pint glasses in a way of unifying some of my iconic images, some of which have never been seen before, with pint glasses designed for the rocker in all of us.  All the designs are carefully selected by me and each image and logo is licensed and officially approved by the artist and/or artist management.  We will be adding more artists and more glass designs with our existing artists, so check back with us frequently and keep your eye out!

Why, you ask?  Why not!  I'm not just a rock photographer, I am also a huge fan of music.  I have always enjoyed seeing an item that was so cool or such an eye grabber that I just HAD to have it.  These days, when many products are thrown together to make a fast buck by slapping the name of an artist or their logo on a sub-par piece of merchandise, we can all use a quality item that is both fresh and cool.  I came up with this pint glass idea from something as simple as seeing a reflection in a glass of lemonade (Yeah...how rock n' roll is that?  Lemonade!)

Each pint glass image has a special meaning or is unique in some way either to the artist or to me.  I aim for 100% satisfaction with these glasses.  Everything about them, from the glass itself to the boxes in which they are shipped to your doorstep, are made in the USA and are dishwasher safe.

This is the coolest thing to happen to pint glasses since beer and ale happened to pint glasses!

So, sit back and enjoy your favorite beverage, one frosty pint of rock n' roll at a time.  I raise my glass to you!!


Gene Kirkland
Rock n' Roll by the Pint